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Systems Administration

Computing Resources

For assistance with any computing issue, send email to mailto:ki-it@mit.edu

We will try to respond to requests immediately and will help with your request as soon as possible.

Data Storage - rowley.mit.edu

General Information

  • This Isilon cluster was purchased in September 2010. Expansions occured in April 2011 and December 2011.
  • Named after Janet Rowley, a pioneer in the field of chromosome translocations in cancer and winner of the 2009 national medal of science and 2009 presidential medal of freedom.
  • The cluster currently consists of seven 36NL nodes, three 108NL nodes and a XL400 node with a total capacity of over 600 TB.
  • accessible from any networked computer. Off-campus access requires mit VPN.
  • User access is controlled using MIT credentials and accounts are organized into lab groups.
  • Lab- and User-specific adjustment of default permissions are possible.
  • Each lab has 1 Tb of free space, additional space is available at a price of $280 per Tb per year (billed monthly).
  • Data protection is provided by both hardware redundancy and regular system-wide back-ups to MIT TSM.
  • to request account, send mailto:charliew@mit.edu and indicate your lab affiliation.

Connecting to rowley.mit.edu from Windows

Connecting to rowley.mit.edu from OSX

Connecting to rowley.mit.edu from Linux

Trouble shooting rowley connection issues

Compute Cluster - rous.mit.edu

General Information

  • rous.mit.edu is a 96 core Linux cluster purchased in September 2009.
  • The cluster is equipped with a wide range of bioinformatics software.
  • x86 architecture with 96 processing cores, 304 GB RAM and 7.8 TB of storage space.
  • The cluster is named after the Nobel prize winning cancer researcher Peyton Rous
  • This cluster is the primary computational resource for the BCC, the Biomicro center and also serves the needs of many individual KI researchers.
  • The obsolete Illumina sequencing equipment (IPAR) was included in the cluster (n3 on 11/15/09, n4 on 1/21/10).
  • The biomicro center has contributed compute nodes to the system. (n4-n12)

How to obtain an account on rous

How to submit a job using the Sungrid Engine Scheduler (SGE)

How to manage software packages with module

Recommendations for Backing up your Computers

Equipment Available

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